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Tricksy is a creative studio bringing together the brilliance of some of the most talented, innovative makers and creators. The collaborative works of tricksy studio tell stories that stick. Stories that engage, entertain and enthral.

about tricksy

Getting to knowwww you

Tricksy makes really great pieces of art, whether for communication, pure enjoyment or for the sake of creation. Tricksy's work has included audio documentaries for the not for profit and community sectors, videos for the education and corporate sectors, creative copywriting for advertising and marketing, and so much more.

Tricksy began in the mind (and front room) of James Milsom (pictured). More on James at his personal / audio profile here. With a decent sized career as an advocate in criminal and civil law, in 2015 James woke up one day and wondered whether making beautiful things might be more fun. (Spoiler: it is)


What we do

Tricksy is versatile. Tricksy loves doing the work tricksy knows best, and has a biiigg bunch of collaborators for everything else. Tricksy is picky with these fellows. They're all class-A, should be illegal amazing. This is good. Why? It means you know you know tricksy, and tricksy knows what you want. So you get it. And more.

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You've scrolled this far. You like what you see and hear. Or at least you're curious enough that you want to chat. So let's do just that.

Seriously though - we'd love to hear from you and we'll get back to you super quick, so drop some details to, or give James a call on +61 456 426 599.