Music releases

I release music under my real name, but at this URL.


I’m a producer, composer and performer in Melbourne, Australia. I love producing stories with rhythm and the music that finds it. My production style allows me to score documentary pieces as I create them, which makes it a really enjoyable and fruitful experience for me. Did I mention I love it?

One of my big projects at the moment is a podcast series I created called ’The Rule Book’. It’s a series of documentary style stories about interactions with the law around the world; especially when it gets broken, or just breaks down. Every episode features a new original score from me.

I work with non profits, as well as in the private and public sectors. Much of my production work is commissioned / freelance, but I also run a production company called tricksy studio, through which I take on a broad variety of work, including video and multimedia pieces.

I love writing and playing music. I’m that friend you’ve got who plays in bands. You always ask me to play at your wedding, and I pretend briefly that it’s an imposition.

I worked initially as a lawyer, mostly in criminal law. I went to court for people who didn’t have the cash for someone with a nicer suit than mine (though often a more boring tie) for almost 10 years, and it was actually really great. I guess I just remembered how much I love making stuff and telling stories.

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I’m represented by the brilliant Audiocraft agency. To get me involved in your project, book me here!

Otherwise, get in touch using the details below.